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Works by Leonard Hyman

America's Electric Utilities: Past, Present, and Future (9th ed.)

The electric industry's most referenced title for more than thirty years!


In this latest edition, renowned author and industry analyst, Leonard Hyman, explains how for eighty years, the electricity business advanced, propelled by technology and aided by politics. Costs dropped and prices fell, making customers happier and stockholders wealthier. Then, in the 1960s, costs began to rise and growth slackened. In the 1990s, policy makers restructured the industry, opening it up to competition and new technologies.


Covering the basics and providing valuable insights into the future of the electric market. Get a clear and concise review of industry fundamentals including:

  • accounting
  • engineering
  • economics
  • finance
  • law
  • operations
  • and risk management.

Statistics on:

  • Rate of Return
  • Operations and Sales
  • Ownership Trends
  • Market Restructuring and much more!

Details and Features:


ISBN: 979-8-218-00478-1
7 x 10 inches
Hard cover
490 pages
9th ed. (c) 2022

Electricity Acts: A cautionary tale and case study of how British electricians pioneered the technology, the government regularly interfered, privatization produced big profits and electricity consumers usually ended up as losers

The British electricity revolution of the 1990s created millions of winners and losers— consumers, coal miners, nuclear operators, investors, executives and politicians—and the same process is ongoing in the United States. To learn how, why and what happened, and to end up on the winning side, read Electricity Acts.      

A History of British Electricity: Industry, Regulation and Restructuring (Summary and Discussion Notes) (430 KB)

This is a summary of Electricity Acts and serves as a basis for teaching a course on the history of the British Electric Industry and its lessons for markets around the world.